"By far, the best fitness program in Melbourne."
Tilda Cassin -PPY Client 2018.
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Premium Small Group Training
With a maximum of six participants per training session, you will never get lost in the crowd and always receive personal assistance and modifications during training. 
Built For Busy Professionals
At PPY we believe in training smarter, THEN harder.

Our efficient 45 minute training sessions make PPY a second home to many of Melbourne's busiest professionals and time-poor parents.

Get in, get it done, do it properly and have fun. That's what we're all about.
*Private sessions are scheduled around these class times. 
*Bookings for all classes are essential.
Premium Personal Training 
Want to delve deeper into your personal needs?

Have specific and targeted goals?

Need a little time to get your confidence up before entering a group class environment?

These are all great reasons to book some one on one sessions at PPY. Your trainer can work with you on Yoga technique, Mat Pilates, Reformer Pilates, Tower Pilates, Functional Training or a combination of all of these things to get you moving beautifully and confidently. 
Convenient Location and Facilities
PPY is located at 82 St Kilda Rd, St Kilda with ample free parking available and in close proximity to St Kilda Rd tram stops. Toilet and shower facilities are available onsite. 

You don't need to bring anything with you to class except yourself! Our top-of-the-range "Manduka" Yoga mats are provided free of charge, as are sweat towels and water.
Training developed by celebrity trainer, Stefanie Turner
Hailing from a background in professional dance, Nike Trainer, Stefanie Turner has created Performance Pilates & Yoga to deliver her passion for Pilates, Yoga and Barre in her signature style, to the world, beginning in her home town, Melbourne!

​​​​​​​Usually reserved for major fitness events and exclusive personal clients, Stefanie's unique combination of Pilates, Yoga and Barre in an efficient 45 minute format is now available to the residents of Melbourne to experience the rapid results for themselves. 

** Please note, not all classes are taught by Stefanie Turner. Our other staff members are also incredible humans who know how to make your body burn in all the right ways! **
"I swear by Stef and PPY! I train three times per week at the studio and love every moment.

Classes at PPY are the opposite of a chore, they are fun, uplifting, mindful and you leave feeling beautiful inside and out.

I saw physical results that years of running and lifting weights never gave me. My body became leaner, more defined (without adding bulk) and my core is the strongest it’s ever been.

I have spent years training in gyms and I honestly believe that PPY and in particular their "Beautiful Movement Program" is by far the best fitness program in Melbourne.

Stef is an incredibly knowledgeable, kind and encouraging trainer and her classes always feel warm and inviting.

My arms are the best they have ever looked and I always feel confident, calm and excited for my next class!

I would recommend Stef, PPY and The Beautiful Movement Program to everyone."
- Tilda Cassin, PPY Client.
"Stef and her Beautiful Movement program have changed my life in so many ways.

Losing weight is one thing, having defined muscles on my body is another.

I am stronger and happier with my body and fitness level than ever before.

Stef and the program has not only had a positive impact on my physical health, but also my mental health.

Ever since I started training at PPY, I have felt happier, my mood has been more stable and I am able to deal better with stress, than I have in years.

It is usually challenging for me to stick to a fitness routine over time as I lose interest and motivation easily, however I train with Stef three times per week and I have been for almost 8 months now, and I still look forward to ALL of my sessions!

Stef is truly unique, the knowledge, dedication and passion she brings to every session, gives me the motivation I need to push myself further and continue to progress week by week.

Stef has made this possible by being very considerate about a past knee injury, that I’ve never really recovered from, despite 3 operations. Today, I am finally able to start “trusting” my knee again, thanks to Stef.

From day one, she have focused on strengthening the right muscles to support and protect my knee, also teaching me how to stand upright and walk “correctly”.

Stef’s expertise and passion for health, nutrition and wellbeing, combined with her warm and beautiful personality makes this the most special and rewarding program you could ever wish for.

I highly recommend Stef, PPY and the Beautiful Movement Program to anyone, including my closest friends and family.

Despite some scepticism, my husband agreed to sign up for the 10 week program. He is now a sworn Pilates, Yoga, Mat and Barre fan and he’s been attending groups and private reformer classes for the past 9 weeks.

We are both amazed by the progress we have made to our physical and mental health since we joined PPY. We love Stef, PPY and the Beautiful Movement Program, no doubt you will too!" 

-Nadja Hopen, PPY Client
"As someone who had never done Pilates before, I was sceptical as to how it would impact my body; being someone who was used to getting results from HIIT workouts such as Crossfit.

From the first session I realised I was wrong!

Stef's professionalism, friendliness and enthusiasm throughout her Beautiful Movement Program, not only had a large impact upon my body but also on my mind.

I found myself toning and being able to grow muscle where I'd struggled in the past, especially the booty!

I learnt to develop techniques that I can apply whilst training and how to maintain control and form with each movement.

Despite having limited movement due to a shoulder injury, Stef was able to accommodate for my needs, she supported me with things I told myself I couldn't do and since then I have been able to perform upper body workouts that I'd avoided in over a year.

I would 100% recommend training with Stef, not only is she full of knowledge, she's hands down one of the most committed, determined and friendliest people I've trained with."

​​​​​​​- Rachael Jones, PPY Client.
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